While Reynolds Roofing Winnipeg does specialize in residential and commercial roofing projects there are a variety of other services that we provide our clients from all over the city.  The services we can offer our clients are as follows.

Chimney Flashing Repair:  Your chimney flashing is an extremely common way for water to get in your home.  Getting your flashing repaired is a fairly easy fix for an experienced roofing company.

Roof Leak Repairs:  Repairing your roof is cheaper and easier than trying to replace it.  We have an experienced team that has the experience to track down small leaks and repair them right away.

Skylight Installations:  A skylight is a beautiful feature on any home but if it is not properly installed then you have a problem with leaks and it is a very expensive fix.

Snow Removal:  Winnipeg winters can be brutal with sub-zero temperatures and tons of snow.  Accumulated snow on your roof is heavy and instead of risking life and limb to climb up and remove it you just need  to give Reynolds Roofing Winnipeg a call and we will take of it for you.

Attic Ventilation:  Your attic is one of the more common places for heat to escape in the winter.  Sealing and proper insulation keeps the attic cool and keeps the warm air down below where it belongs.  In the summer a well-ventilated attic keeps the heated air out of the attic and it protects your shingles from moisture damage.

Emergency Repairs:  Leaks always happen when you least expect it and they can’t always be fixed immediately.  However we do our best to make sure that no homeowner’s call goes unanswered.  If we can’t get to your roof right way we will make sure it is tarped off to protect you from the elements.

Fascia and Wood Damage:  Residential roofing projects can be tricky, you never know what you will encounter underneath the shingles.  Sometimes there is damage to the wood underneath or the fascia, you need an experienced roofer to fix the problem.

Soffit Venting:  Soffit vents are a critical part of the ventilation system in your roof and attic.  If you have proper attic ventilation it not only makes your roof last longer but it can save you a fortune trying to heat your home in those long Winnipeg winters.

These are just some of the services that we can offer our customers in the community, if you have any questions about whether we can help you then please get in touch with us.